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OK so I want to lose some weight / am going on a diet / have started exercising. Whats with the blog?

I'll be rapped if one person subscribes to this blog. I'll be even more stoked if any person finds any motivation from what I write. Those acts alone will add to my motivation and commitment to see this through the next 8 weeks. However the real reason I'm writing a blog is commitment. Commitment to those who read and subscribe. You have shown an interest in 'The Journey' and I've made a commitment to you to keep you informed. If it all falls into the too hard basket and I give up, I will have broken that commitment to you (and my TEAM, and myself). Blogging is one of the things I have promised myself I will do as part of my commitment to 'The Journey'.

It's easy to say 'I will ...' and not tell anyone, if you then fail, who knows? The only person you have let down is yourself and no one knows. Marriage is a commitment, in the church the priest asks 'Will you ...' and you reply "I Will', that's it 'I Will', no conditions, no small print, no get out clause. Then the priest goes on to remind you (as if you needed reminding) that you just made that commitment in front of all these witnesses. Then the going gets tough and you (the collective you as well as the singular you - in Australia youse is the collective term) have choices, one choice is to quit, another it to tough it out, another is to try to work through it together. Having made that public commitment, you owe it to the witnesses to give it a go until the problem is resolved, or all alternatives have been exhausted.

I'm not expecting the next 8 weeks to be easy street, the boys have already explained some of the challenges that I'll face, and I'm sure that there will be others that have not been anticipated, or we buried our heads in the sand and just hope that they don't happen.

So the blog is a commitment to all those who subscribe and read the updates.

But there is another reason for the blog, and that's to help me get my thoughts, feelings and understandings in order.

I'm going to write two types of updates, one will be the how am I going, what am I doing, what are the challenges I'm facing right now. This is so that I can look back and realise that the issues I faced were overcome, sometimes by actions, sometime by the passage of time, but they will be / were overcome. A great friend (Peter Picone) put me on to this saying 'Generally the problems you faced 6 months ago are not the problems that you face today'. It's a truism. The other saying that springs to mind is 'What does not kill us makes us stronger'. I really want to take that into the sessions I have with my 2 trainers, the group classes, and the individual sessions I do over the next 8 weeks. It also gives me something to blog about!
The second updates are really much more personal. They will be topic based, I've already got some place holders such as TEAM, Drugs, Money and the like. These are factors that caused me to embark on 'The Journey', and will try to look at the implications from my perspective. What was it about that topic that motivated me at the beginning, motivates me 'now' and what are the benefits that I expect to receive in the future. The place holders are at this moment just a series of random thoughts that need to be structured into something meaningful.

Whatever happens, I've decided to allow comments on the blog, or feel free to provide feedback.

Posted by peter.dudley 03:12

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