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The end of week one. The Journey so far and this weeks happenings.

Not everything goes to plan.

Having committed to 'The Journey' a few weeks ago, we wanted to have a flying start, so rather than wait for W1D1. So I headed off to the gym and for 3 days worked my butt off, each morning going down the stairs was painful, each step caused my thighs to burn. "Get used to the idea' I kept telling myself, then we had a long weekend (can you believe that we got a public holiday for a football match - kinda like the FA Cu Final, or the Superbowl, Aussie version). So on the Thursday, rather than hitting the gym, I headed out for a long weekend with friends. Friday morning dawned with a thumping head. Camilla had to work the Friday morning but joined us in the afternoon, and commented that it was obvious we had had a big night on Thursday. Still Camilla and I managed a 42km cycle ride on the Saturday, so I was not too disappointed.

Monday dawned and my 2 PT's (Charles and James) presented my with 21 red boxes. My food for the week! Breakfast was down to me. Bacon (60g) Eggs (2), Onion (half), Tomatoes (4 cherry, or 1 large) etc or some natural sausages (which I'm yet to find in the fridge!). I just dice 1/2 an onion, chop up 2 slices of bacon (57g), fry them up and mix in 2 beaten eggs with a shot of Tabasco. Boring, but I like it.

The meals are great, salmon with green salad and Tahini sauce, Chicken with salad, Beef with red beans and sweet potato, prawns and coleslaw. Wonderful variety and I don't have to worry about portion size, the boys have worked it all out for me. They have also put together an exercise program, Monday 18:30 weight lifting, 19:40 boxing, Tuesday 06:00 HIIT, Wednesday 17:45 Spin, Thurs 18:30 Weight lifting, Fri 19:00 Circuit (with James), Saturday 1000 steps (the official D1), Sun 10:30 Body Balance & Session with Charlie. All is looking fantastic. Charlie has also added 2 table spoons of Flaxseed oil each night, and a glass of line and salt in the morning (first thing).

Whats interesting is that the thighs are not burning in the morning. I have no idea if it's the exercise program, the Flaxseed, Line & Salt, my muscles getting better. What I do know is that walking down the stairs no longer hurts - and that's a good thing!

Then Charlie goes down with a HUGE tummy bug (I spare you the details, not it was BAD). Just before the official start. Whilst we had taken before photo's and had a weight in, they were not acceptable to Goodlife as they didn't have the 'Before' label in the photo, it was the end of the week before we were able to redo those, by which time I'd already lost some weight.

It's never a good time to embark on something like this, and so often that's the excuse we use for not starting. To add to the tummy bug, both boys have Uni exams and need some serious time to revise for those. With Charlie falling sick, more responsibility fell to James to deliver. Then we also had Matthews 'Presentation Night' to attend so one session was not going to happen. I suggested doing the 1000 steps on the Wednesday, which Charlie agreed was a good swap, With me also missing one of his sessions I also suggested the 1000 steps on the Saturday. He thought about it briefly, and replied, 'OK but twice', ouch. I trust him and agreed that as part of the challenge I would just do as I was told.

What I had not take into account was the fact that I had a James Circuit session on the Friday. So here I am after have been drilled by James and I have a 2 * 1000 steps waiting for me tomorrow morning. My James sessions are possibly the hardest sessions of the week, as they are 90 minutes long. There are 'double' sessions as well during the week, but I get a break as we transition from one to the other. With James it's 90 minutes of hard effort. I find myself switching off to whats going on and just doing it. James just says 'Steps 10' and I start doing 10 steps up leading with the left foot, then 10 steps leading with the right foot. He says 'Carry' I pick up the 60Kg frame and perform the 'Farmers Walk' to the next station, he says 'Stop', I pick a point on the wall and focus on getting my breath back. You should get the idea.

Having the food prepared for me is great, but for some reason I'm actually not that hungry. I have breakfast, and 3 'Red Boxes' available to me, but find I only eat 2 of them. Being on a diet, you would think that this is a good thing? Apparently this is not the case, the PT's are keen for me to eat all 3 boxes as part of the reconditioning of my body from sugar and cards to protein and fats.

So we have reached the end of the first week, there have been some challenges and frustrations, but these are to be expected/ We have come through them, lost some weight and are ready for W2!

Posted by peter.dudley 22:35

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