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Hungry (finally?)

Each weekend Charles and James spend several hours in the kitchen preparing my meals for the following week. I get to make breakfast, they then provide 3 meals each individually packaged in it's own red box. If it doesn't come out of a red box I don't eat it. We have been doing this for about 3 weeks now (we started this before the competition began), and so far I have struggled to get through more than 2 of these boxes. This is a good thing you might think, but their concern is that I'm not getting enough protein to build the muscle that will power the furnace we are building.
Tonight I'm famished. When I got home there was no one else in the house and I'll admit that the idea of hoeing into a hunk of cheese did cross my mind - after all who would know? I resisted. Disappointed that I allowed the thought to cross my mind but happy that I managed to say No to myself.
Chalk up a win to me.

Last night I got down to the gym early for my session with Charles so warned up on the treadmill and spin bike, then joined Charlie and the rest of the group only to have it pointed out to me that the session started at 18:30, and not 19:30. Rather than being 5 minutes early I was 55 minutes late. Oops. So in return I did 100 kettle bell squats (10Kg), 100 frame squats (like a bar but goes round you) with 30Kg, 60 kettle, 60 frame, 20 kettle, 20 frame, 10 kettle, 10 frame, followed by 20 minutes on the cross trainer doing 1 minute on 1 minute off intervals. Then just for good measure Charles joined me for the last minute and wound the resistance to maximum. Suffice it to say I was sore this morning (something that has been happening less and less recently). Interestingly Charles and I were talking after the session and he commented that I was training as much as was reasonable (about 12 hours a week) and then next step was to raise the resistance, weight, repetitions and reduce the rest period, I guess I'm going to be getting used to being sore.

So the first 2 weeks are over, we are 25% of the way through, exercise is going well, eating is going well and some weight is coming off. How much I have no idea, Charles is keeping that from me and frankly it's just a number at the moment. The only numbers that matter are the ones at the start and the ones at the end. Everything else is irrelevant. That said I'm sure that if I did put some weight on Camilla would find a way of letting me know!

Tomorrow is the start of week 3, and it begins with a group exercise on the beach at St Kilda. The only reason I'm going is to get the points, I'd rather be giving the 1000 Steps another go, or trying out the 'Glasgow Fireline' - a new and little known track similar to the 1000 Steps but not as popular by a long way. However this is a competition, and we are in it to win, so off to St Kilda we go. It's also an interesting week as Charles is going away for a week and James (my other trainer) is madly revising for exams. It's going to be a challenge to push the intensity on my own. With them around it's easier to raise the bar, as they make me push harder. So much so that last Friday in my 90 minute session with James I found myself reverting back to behaviors I last experienced when I was in the Army. I said nothing that I didn't need t say, I switched off and just did what James asked with maximum effort, focused on a spot on the wall during rest periods and concentrated on my breathing. I did feel good afterwards.

Time to go and indulge in my 3rd red box of the day.

Posted by peter.dudley 18:40

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