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Hungry but feeling great

It turns out that last Friday was something of a breakthrough day. I got back from work famished, whilst I'm allowed 3 prepared meals a day until then I had usually managed with just 2. It was strange to find myself on a diet where I was not eating all the meals that had been prepared - fortunately many are frozen. But I was really hungry, so I tucked into Box 2 for the day, still hungry, so I went for Box 3. Turns out that Charles and James were VERY HAPPY, I had eaten all 3 boxes for the day and was still hungry. It turns out that they have been waiting for this day, the day when they had managed to kick my metabolism into gear and it was burning more energy than it was being fed. Apparently this is a good thing, so much so that I've now been restricted on 3 days a week to just 2 boxes, oh and the workout regime has been raised a level. For example, I have this evening off (Tue PM) and also tomorrow morning (Wed AM), then

  • Wed PM - Spin class 17:45 - 18:30, followed by 40m on the elliptical walker, 1m at full intensity, 1m rest
  • Thu AM - 1000 Steps, a 30m hard slog and 40m walk back
  • Thu PM - Weight session (Charles program), followed by 30m hard swim
  • Fri AM - Rest
  • Fri PM - 40m elliptical walker
  • Sat AM - Glasgow Road Fireline (similar to 1000Steps, but apparently harder)
  • Sat PM - Death by James session, 1h30m of oure hell
  • Sun AM - Body Balance (try it, it's hard than you think if you do it right)
  • Sun PM - Rest Finally!

Oh and on Wed and Fri I only get 2 boxes of food (+ breakfast).

Charles and had had a good discussion at the gym on the weekend. He commented that it was not realistic to give me more sessions, I need time to recover, so instead we need to lift the intensity, More resistance, heavier weights, more repetitions and shorter rests. I understand where he is coming from, but I have to say that when I'm working closely with Charles or James I find I work much harder than when I'm on my own or in an anonymous group session. I guess I'm not alone with this experience and guess it just goes to show how important it is to have a professional working with you and pushing you to give your all, each and every time. Too often at the gym I see 'professionals' just standing around having a chat with their client - getting paid to have a chin wag! Neither of them will let me get away with that, and that's what I like, neither of them give me the opportunity to slack off, and if I do they will remind me of why I'm here. So my current challenge is to maintain (or lift) the intensity of my workouts to a level higher than what I manage to do when I'm with them. I know what I'm capable of, and need to take that to a new level, but on my own.

On Monday's I have had a double session, 1h with Charles doing weight lifting, then a 1h boxing class with Brian, one of the other trainers, but Charles is in Bali enjoying a well earned 'recovery session' and has mixed up the program for me. A weights workout that involves weights I didn't think existed (20kg goblet squats, 16kg single arm rows, 5m planks - not continuous thankfully), followed by a 30m swim - I'm unable to free style, so am forced to do breast stroke, but I'll work on the free style side of things. Then I finished off with 15m in the wet sauna (my choice to do this).
Every time I moved last night I woke up, hoping that it was 05:30, the slightest movement caused a twinge in my muscles. So much so that at 04:00 I even took a couple of panadol. When 05:30 arrived I knew I had to get out of bed, but really was not relishing the idea of my 06:00 HIIT session with Thomas. 'Get on with it' I told myself as I bounced (crawled) out of the bed. Fortunately the gym is at the end of the road (about 600m from the house) so I walked there as a warm up and had a really great session with Thomas and the group. All day I could feel the benefits of having made it to the gym that early. The feeling I get in the afternoon makes the early morning so worthwhile.

Officially the program has been going just over 2 weeks. So far I have lost weight - how much will remain a secret, and at the end of the day it is just a number, the only numbers that matter at the starting weight, the ending weight, and the weight in a years time. Bring on the next 5 1/2 weeks, lets see what we can do and try to lift the rate of weight loss.

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Posted by peter.dudley 18:21

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Dad says it seems that the boys are getting their own back!
It sounds torturous. Your holiday comfy rest bed is made up here😳
K xxx

by Karen

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