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"Hump" week

Geez, with the 'week' starting on a Saturday, it doesn't take long for midweek to arrive and it's only Monday!

It's also 'hump' week, we are halfway through the challenge and I can't wait for the end so I can return to 'normal' (whatever the new normal is) and to see the final results in terms of measurements, photo's, general health, change of medication etc.

The amount of weight shed last week was not as much as I would have liked or needed, but was probably around what I should have expected. The week didn't start well, but finished with me in a much better frame of mind, and as a result this week has started really, really well. I doubt I can make up for missing last weeks goal, but at the end of the day it's not about the week to week results. So long as they are heading in the right direction that's what matters - and they are. Charles is still "Banged up in Bali" and we have no idea how much longer he will be stuck over there. The airline (JetStar) doesn't seem to care about the inconvenience it is causing passengers. Strange how the people who have been stuck there the longest are not being brought back, yet there are flights happening.
So James is having to step up, and he's doing a great job. Fortunately social media has been our saviour. I let Charles know the weight in results and suggested that we need to look at reducing the input. His response was that I should also increase my output, by adding more weight to my sessions. Additionally he has spoken to James and I'm now no longer allowed to finish any of the existing 'red boxes', I need to leave some behind. I'm on a maximum of 2 boxes a day, which is not a huge challenge as most days I only got through 2 anyway. Breakfast has had the bacon removed and butter, it's now just a small amount of oil to stop things sticking, out to purchase a small non stick pan and we will drop the oil as well.
New meals that are prepared will be smaller in size. For example we are trying something new this week. James has found some low carb wraps, and prepared my 'red boxes' with some cooked chicken and salad and a note to follow the instructions on the fridge. The instructions are to add 1/4 of an avocado and a tsp of Tahini sauce, only there was no avocado this morning. Not an issue I'm only working up the road (10 minutes away) so I'll come home for lunch. When I get home James is grinning 'No avocado dad'.

It's what I need, want and asked for. I can get all the support in the world from my family and friends, but at the end of the day there is only one person who can shed all this weight, and that's me. So it's off to the gym for a 60 minute weight lifting session, followed by 40 minutes swimming, then as long as I can in the sauna, should be back just before bedtime.

Posted by peter.dudley 17:59

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