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Together Everyone Achieves More

I should have made this post a few weeks ago. The importance of the TEAM has become so important to my progress.
The idea that Together Everyone Achieves More could not be truer in my case. I've mentioned before that I've tried to lose weight in the past and failed. Sure I've had 'support' but never a 'TEAM' behind me. This time I'm not on my own, the very fact that you have chosen to view this blog, means that you are now on my team, whether you like it or not. The very act of showing interest in 'The Journey' has by default enrolled you as a member of my team.

It's a strong team and I should have acknowledge them and their effort much earlier in this journey.
Charles is not only my eldest son, but a qualified Personal Trainer. He spent some time in the army (as did I) so he knows that I know what to expect when trying to get the best out of people, and boy does he deliver. That said he also understands that changes like this take time and has a strong focus on the end goal.
James, second son and 3rd child. OK he may not have the qualifications, but I respect his knowledge as much as I respect Charles'. The 2 of them have worked together to ensure that I get the best exercise and nutrition program possible. My one on one sessions with James tend to be a 'take no prisoners' approach. James works me very hard and at the end of each session we always do an exercise that ensures there's nothing left to give.
Camilla, this lady is a powerhouse. Not only is she my life partner, best friend, confidant, lover, mother to our 4 totally amazing children, but she is also a major driving force behind this transformation. She has for years been working out how to initiate these changes, I won't say she has nagged me but those of you in my position (aka married?) will know what I mean. Different avenues have been tried, some have failed miserably, others have worked for a while, some have stuck around for a little longer, but ultimately I have returned to my old self. But she has never given up and this time I feel that things are different. This time the change is permanent.
Goodlife gym, they put the challenge together and for that I will be forever thankful. I've seem these challenges go up previously, but never really been interested in participating. The staff down there are always cheerful, smiling and helpful. There's generally a good vibe around the gym and something for everyone. Sure it has it's flaws (lack of equipment maintenance - recently resolved by replacing almost everything) but it's a place that you don't mind going to and has something for everyone. From the 73 year old who had a hip replacement in March now doing the same program as myself, through to the 'juicing' gym meat head pushing weights.
You, I mentioned previously that by your very act of reading and showing interest in this blog you have joined the team. Welcome aboard.
We are now over the halfway point and weight has been reduced, there's still a LONG way to go, but the scales are moving in the right direction. It's frustrating to see my thinner arms and skinny legs, these areas I really didn't need to lose weight from. The belly however is a different matter, some how this old friend just is not getting the message that it's time to move out. But what is happening is that people who know me are really starting to notice change and commenting on the changes they are seeing. For some of them the look of surprise on their faces is quite comical. Thank you all for your encouragement.

Charles took a weeks holiday in Bali, and thanks to a volcano and a budget airline (JetStar) who have a total focus on cost and zero interest in passengers has had the break extended to beyond 2 weeks. There are a number of people who have stepped up and really helped my progress towards my goals.
Brian runs the weightlifting and boxing program with Charles on Monday and Thursday evenings. Brian has really stepped up and filled in for the SGT (Small Group Training) sessions. His approach is different to Charles and I welcome the variety I am getting as a result.
Thomas runs a HIIT class every Tuesday morning, it's 30 minutes of intense exercise and covers head to toe, both cardio and weights. But what I also get from Thomas is his enthusiasm and passion. He was once in a similar position to myself so he understands what I'm going through.
Nicholetta (The Pain Maiden) runs a spin class on Wednesday evening. She's not a resident trainer and up until last Sunday I really didn't appreciate just how much change she has created. Camilla & I last went for a cycle the weekend before I started the program with the boys. 5 weeks ago, we did 42km and it was a struggle, Camilla was on to her second beer by the time I got back. Not any more. Last Sunday we took the bikes out for a cycle from home to Ferntree Gully and the difference was unbelievable. There were sections where Camilla was having to try to keep up with me. The feeling at the end was great. I can not wait for Wednesdays session, I've got the incentive to push even harder - but am not at the stage where I think I might look good in lycra!.

Talking of pushing harder, one other thing I now appreciate is the value of a Personal Trainer and the one on one sessions. Sure they (usually) cost money, but when I do a one on one with Charles, James or Brian, I know I work hard, very hard and get the maximum value from the time we spend together. Groups sessions are also great, watching and working as part of a group develops a group momentum, but I don't work as hard as the one on one sessions. Working alone is the challenge, if you slack off the only person who knows is you, you pick up the smaller weight, take longer breaks between sets, don't do as many reps. Frankly working alone sucks. I guess that's why I (currently) prefer to go for a run (and now possibly a cycle). If I chose to slack off so be it, I still have to cover the distance and I have a choice, run and get it over with, or walk and accept it's going to take longer, but either way the distance will be covered.

As the saying goes 'Success is the TEAMS, failure is mine'. Thanks team, lets get this over the line and become winners not just participants.

Posted by peter.dudley 05:40

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