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Money, money, money

Your are going to have to spend it one way or another

A few years ago it was pointed out to me that either way we have to send money on our health, maybe not now, but at some time. And we have a choice about how we spend that money.

Option 1
Medicines, tablets, lotions, potions, doctors visits, specialists visits, hospital bills, surgery.
Option 2
Runners, shorts & shirts, the right foods - pretty much mandatory. Add to this the probability of the occasional physio if you get injured. All the following are optional (depending on your motivation) gym membership, music player & headphones, personal trainer, weights, supplements.

I've had a gym membership for some time, and I've made use of it, but have I made good use of it? Given I'm the same weight now as I was when I started (perhaps a few Kg heavier) I could claim that it has been worthwhile, as I would have been much more heavier had it not been for my regular visits to the gym. Or I could just acknowledge that whilst my fitness might have improved a little (I did manage the 10Km Run Melbourne - twice), the reality is that not much changes.

When I add up the cost of tablets I'm paying for (about $120 Pm), the doctor visits (should be about $200 each 3 months, but cost me $0 due to Camilla being a nurse), that more than pays for a gym membership each month and replacement shoes, shorts & shirts. Since I started The Journey, I have not taken any insulin and am cutting down one of the other diabetes related medicines. By getting my weight and diabetes under control, I also hope to avoid losing my legs (amputation) and eye sight - surgery is expensive even if your wife works in the industry. I don't know too many blind software developers, so this transition will hopefully keep me employed for longer.

I guess the downside is that I will also need to work longer so my pension fund has a higher balance as I now expect to live longer as well. But I'd like to live a long time to see my grand children grow up, and to be there for my children to help them out as much as possible. Difficult if I'm blind and have had one or both of my legs amputated due to diabetes. Not to mention destitute due to spending what little money we have on medical expenses, and being unable to earn a living. Something I am trying to avoid happening as part of this exercise.

So there is a serious financial incentive to lose the weight.

Posted by peter.dudley 10:00

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